Digital, but Relaxed?

We apologize for the inconvenience of the “Analog Relax Static Eliminating Brush for Hardware,” which is sold out immediately after it comes in stock.

This static eliminating brush was originally developed to eliminate static and dust in sensitive areas such as around the tone arm.

When we asked our customers to test our prototype, we received a lot of positive feedback from them.

When we used it on a CD player, the sound clarity improved!

It is also effective in eliminating static around amplifiers and cables!

However, after its release, we have received many comments from customers who have purchased the product that it is highly effective not only for analog equipment, but also for the latest digital equipment. We have received many comments from customers who have purchased our products that they are very effective not only for analog devices but also for the latest digital devices.

For example, DACs and streaming players.

But to tell you the truth, I still don’t know much about digital equipment… .

To be honest, I have not been able to keep up with the speed of evolution in the digital world, and there are many things I don’t understand.

But I was wondering what I should do to see the effect, when I received an invitation from “Mr. Ebiro” of “on and on” who has been a great help to me recently.

I visited him immediately and first listened to the current sound.

Since he was inserting streaming sound sources from a PC to a DAC, he “quickly” eliminated static around the DAC housing and cables. Then, we listened to the same song.

The sound changed drastically! The sound was relaxed and the soundstage was expanded!

Mr. Ebiro was very surprised!

After that, we removed the static from the preamplifier to the power amp.

It changed there, too!

Mr. Ebiro was so amazed that he decided to use the product at “on and on”.

They also wrote about it on their blog.

As you can see, the analog relax static eliminating brush works on digital devices as well!

Even if you say, “I’m only interested in digital,” please give it a try!

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Analog Relax Anti-Static Brush for Audio Equipment

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