Analog Relax Anti-Static Brush


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Analog Relax Anti-Static Brush
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Irritated by the disturbing static dusts on your record? Want to be free from the problem?
The only answer to save you from the curse of static dusts
Only Analog Relax anti-static brush can remove static electricity and dusts at the same time together.

Ultra-fine static elimination fiber with 0.03mm in diameter, special material used for an audio product for the first time in the world, comes in the record groove removing static and dust all together.


You will be liberated from the frustration of static dusts with this revolutionary record brush. This brush makes all the record lovers happy.

Did you know the fact?


Did you know that a record could collect 3,000~20,000V static electricity on its surface when it is taken out of the sleeve? The move of just taking out of the sleeve could generate such amount of static. This is because of the friction between the disc and the inner sleeve when they are pulled apart.

The static electricity collects all the dust floating around you to your disc surface. The dusts attached to the disc are real pain. If you wipe them off, they just come back on the record immediately.

Why? Because of the static electricity. You cannot be free from the dust unless you are free from the static.


Record lovers have confronted the static dusts and struggled for a long time. Maybe at this right moment, many of them must be in the middle of this struggle.

This is for you.

The brush quickly discharges static electricity and removes dusts at the same time.

This is Analog Relax anti-static brush, created specially for vinyl discs.

Annoyed at such problems as below?

  1. Usual velvet pad record cleaners generate static every time they are used, only to attract the dusts back to the record again.
  2. Cleaning sprays are also in the market, but you don’t want to put unnecessary chemical on your precious discs.
  3. Liquid cleanser is too much trouble. Wash all the record library? No way!
  4. Your record clicks and pops on the turntable due to the static especially in the dried wintertime.

This brush clears away the irritating static dusts that disturb you every time you play the record.


How your record gets charged on the surface just by removing the sleeve?

Static electricity is generated in various ways and mechanisms, but you see two types in using audio systems; peeling and frictional.



Peeling electrification: electricity is charged on the surfaces of two objects that are touching to each other when they are pulled apart. That is the same for a record disc pulled out from the inner sleeve.

Frictional electrification: This occurs when two objects are rubbed against each other. Same for the contact between a record and a brush or a stylus tip

Thus you generate static electricity every time you take your record out of the sleeve.

The amount of charge is as high as 3,000 ~ 20,000V depending on the environment (temperature and humidity).

The lower the humidity is, the higher the charge tends to be.

Analog Relax anti-static brush was created in order to eliminate…

  1. Static charge of the record just taken out of the sleeve.
  2. Static charge after playing the record on the turntable.

Analog Relax anti-static brush can remove 70 ~ 80% of static electricity on average though depending on the room environment and the timing of the vinyl disc production.

This video from a friend shows how Analog Relax anti-static brush powerfully eliminates static charge. Check it out!


Why Analog Relax anti-static brush is special

100% ultra-fine static elimination fiber


The brush uses ultra-fine static elimination fibers with only 0.03mm in diameter.

When the brush touches the record surface, it neutralizes the static charged on the disc in a corona discharge mechanism.

The material was developed by Japanese high-tech textile manufacturer, for industrial applications, and is often used for eliminating static in clean rooms or in the process of removing dusts before painting in many electronic devices factories.

Analog Relax anti-static brush is the first consumer product using this special fiber material.

The size of a typical LP record groove is 0.05mm.

The thin fiber of our anti-static brush is only 0.03mm in diameter and well capable of sweeping out the tiny dust particles in the groove.


Widely-used carbon fiber brushes may look like the same, but the fibers are completely different.

Capturing static dust

Look at the image of magnified fiber surface


The microscopic indentions on the surface can effectively capture the static dusts, both fibrous and granular. (Does not work on sticky dirt such as oily stain, mold, fingerprint, etc.)

Ultra-light weight: 20g

We made the brush ultra light for easy and comfortable brush handling on the records.

Safe design

Conventional anti-static brushes for audio equipment use 2 types of fibers in general.

  • Carbon fiber
  • Fiber with conductive coating

These types are highly conductive, causing troubles like a short circuit when a piece of fiber comes off the brush and gets inside the equipment.

Analog Relax anti-static brush is designed to deliberately keep the conductive rate low enough to avoid short circuit even when a fiber piece comes into the audio equipment.

How to use it effectively

You can check this video to use Analog Relax anti-static brush effectively.

Our tip is to

keep the brush vertical to the disc, do not hold the brush tilted.

Hold the brush so that the fiber tips touch the disc vertically for higher efficiency of static elimination.

Sometimes tiny dusts might cling to the surface and make a line like the pattern.


In such a case you can try the way in this video.

Rotate the turntable with the record on it. Hold the brush so as for the brush tip to gently touch the record surface. Slowly move the brush from the rim toward the center (the label part).

Move the brush tip to push the fine dusts left on the disc along the groove toward the center label.

Now your record is dust & stat free!


Customer review

We have received delightful comments from the customers.

  • 0.03mm size is amazing. Reminds me of the awe when I first tried a Dyson vacuum cleaner…
  • No need for spray any more…
  • Cat hair dusts are gone at one swoop!…
  • The brush revealed the finest dusts that I didn’t notice… 



Good for various use

Analog Relax anti-static brush is optimized for record cleaning, but can be used for static elimination in various ways.

  • For the disc surface of your CDs, DVDs, BDs.
  • For audio equipment such as tonearms, connecting ports, etc.
  • For PC keyboards, LCD screens
  • For TV screens
  • For plastic models before painting

You thought it can’t be helped? This is The Answer for easily removing the frustrating dust

We created the brush for all the audio fans with great love of records so that they can enjoy stress-free sound experience in daily life.

In fact, I myself am a record mania in a quest for better audio experience. And I assure you that you will be free from the annoying static dusts with this Analog Relax anti-static brush.