Notice of Partial Discontinuation of Analog Relax Phono Cartridges

Thank you very much for your continued patronage of Analog Relax products.

We regret to inform you at this very short notice that we will be discontinuing the following models of Analog Relax cartridges at the end of September 2022 (the end of this month).

  • EX1 AR-MCC-EX1

  • EX3 AR-MCC-EX3

  • EX3r AR-MCC-EX3r

  • EX7 AR-MCC-EX7

  • KOI-OTO cartridge part numbers

The cartridge will be produced until the end of September 2022, after which it will be discontinued.

Please be assured that we will continue to offer “stylus exchange” services for the above models.

If you are considering purchasing the relevant model, we would appreciate it if you could place your order as soon as possible.