Analg Relax YURUGI 1 Phono Cartridge

The Yurugi 1 High End Moving Coil Phono Cartridge.

The Analog Relax Yurugi 1 phono cartridge was designed with a certain goal in mind to provide a natural balanced sound with incredible dynamics.

The Yurugi 1 is made from carefully selected materials.

Since special materials are used in the production of the Yurugi 1 there are no stray vibrations so the cartridge has a low noise floor.


Karin wood is not very well known outside of Japan but it is used in professional recording studios, high end guitars and other musical instruments. It is prized for its great acoustic properties.

Our craftsmen carefully cut out and processed the solid wood of Karin piece by piece.

Instead of Urethane paint, we use only beeswax to polish the surface so that the body can breathe. Therefore, it brings out a natural and rich resonance that can not be realized with a resin or metal processed body.


The natural ruby is highly polished and used for the cantilever we prefer the sonics over the boron cantilever.


The specially designed line contact stylus has the curvature close to the tip of the Diamond which extracts more information from the vinyl.

It has better abrasion resistance than a ordinary line contact stylus which will extend in longer stylus playing time.

Life with the pleasure of superb aftertaste of the natural sound …

First thing in the morning
Brew your favorite coffee,
Drop a needle onto your favorite record ….

At night after work,
When you finally get relaxed alone,
Play the new record that you have not listened yet on the turntable ….

You have finally found the record you have been seeking for years.
Suppressing the urge to listen quickly,
You are to confront the music for the first time on your player.

Such irreplaceable experiences should be accompanied by superb and natural sound of music.

Our goal is to provide natural, real, and relaxing sound.

Analog relax “YURUGI 1” Cartridges realize the idea.

From the moment when the needle was dropped, you immerse yourself into the sound of the record. Made of carefully selected natural materials, this cartridge realizes such experience.

… Try the sound of “YURUGI 1” once.

And, please experience the life with this superb aftertaste of the natural sound.


・Stylus type: Super Curve line-contact nude diamond
・Cartridge body:Karin Solid wood
・Output voltage:0.45mv(1kHz)
・Frequency range:20~40,000Hz -0.2dB
・Internal impedance:10Ω
・Tracking force:2.0g

All made in Japan


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